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Allergies and berm house



We have lived in a Berm Home (underground on west and north side for five years). My daughter suffers from allergy symptoms, such as running nose and conjestion. Our family doctor prescribed singulair and recently we switched to Zyrtec. Is there any research to document berm houses and their relationship to allergies. We are taking her to have tests done within the next two weeks...We are taking her to have the test but we are really concerned that our house may be the problem. We bought a dehumidifier and it didn`t help. Any suggestions.


A more detailed history regarding your environment is required to advise you on whether there may be problems.  This is something your allergist should be able to advise you on.  Typically if there is no visible mold, mildew smell, stained ceiling tiles, evidence of water intrusion, condensation on windows then the risk of mold over growth and related health problems is low.  Keeping indoor humidity between 30-50% year round is advised. 

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