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Chest Decongestant



Is there any kind of asthma medicine that works like decongestant but for the chest? I have Prednisone and Seravent and Ventlin. I breathe much better with medicine but still cough too much, always when I get chest colds. There is way to much mucus, I am coughing non stop. Especially at night I can`t sleep, just cough all night. My dr says "No cough medicine, you have asthma, you have to cough." But he is not the one coughing. There are nose decongestants, why not for lungs?


Asthma patients secrete excess amounts of mucus from glands located in and beneath the lining of the lungs. Corticosteroids are the best drugs for controlling mucus secretion in asthmatics. Prednisone is a steroid but perhaps daily treatment with an inhaled steroid would work better (flovent, pulmicort).

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